Live Casino Games are Everywhere!

Have you noticed lately that live casino games are popping up everywhere?
Most people have noticed the WSOP or WPT on television where they show live
clips of the players at the tournaments, but I’m talking about the live
casino games that you can play directly from your computer and watch on a
video stream with a live dealer.Years back, Stanley Ho, the billionaire casino mogul from Macau launched a
live casino game suite where you could play blackjack, roulette, or baccarat
with live asian dealers over the Internet. At its first release, the software
was so big that most people had to request that a CD be mailed to them,
because it was way before most people had broadband. By the time that the CD
would arrive, the gambler would be out of the notion to gamble at the casino,
or they already played somewhere else.A few tries later, Stanley released a slimmed down version of the casino
which brought in new depositing players but didn’t really seem to bring in
the players like so many other online casinos. A former employee of Stanley
Ho released his own live casino and it immediately became a big hit in the
online casino world. Casino WebCam offered live casino games with sexy Costa
Rican dealers. This casino continued to flourish and eventually developed
into several different live online casinos.Later on, the Playtech casino software group integrated live games into their
casino software, so that players could play baccarat, roulette, or blackjack
with live dealers or play the standard casino games that are featured in
their suite. The live casino within their software has filipina dealers that
are live from somewhere in Manila.Everywhere that I look, their seems to be live games. In the UK, you can play
live roulette on your TV. They have a special channel that streams a live
roulette table where you can place your bets. In the Philippines and some of
the other asian countries, they have some very unique live games in their
land-based casinos. In Manila, you will find live baccarat with lounge chairs
and a computer interface, so that dozens of people can play baccarat against
one live dealer, instead of having hundreds of different tables with only
seven players allowed to play per table.As the gaming industry begins to mature and technology continues to advance,
you’ll begin seeing more and more live casino games being streamed over the

777; Why is Number Seven Lucky?

The Lucky number seven is often associated with gambling. But where did the Lucky Number seven come from? The number seven is not Lucky in all cultures, for instance in Chinese the number seven is not Lucky at all and is sometimes considered unlucky. This is why Boeing Aircraft Co. did not sell a lot of 777s to the Chinese.After all the last thing you would want to do is get into an unlucky aircraft right? An interesting point would be that according to the NTSB the Boeing 777 has a perfect safety record believe it or not. Maybe he really is lucky and maybe that is a reason to fly it? But superstition and numerology aside why is 777 considered so lucky in the Western World?There are web sites such as and you guessed it; it is an online gambling web site, that makes sense right? Lady Luck is considered 777 and most casino slot machines payout on 777. In the Bible Joshua marched his army around the city walls for seven days and he was accompanied by seven priests carrying seven trumpets. On the seventh day they circled Jericho seven times and shouted, then the walls fell down. Some believe that the wall could be said to represent lies, injustice and agree. And therefore a life without it is lucky. Interesting that a biblical connotation would turn into a symbol for gambling.Nevertheless, in Western societies we think of 777 as lucky. Many believe that 777 symbolizes health, a clear conscience and connection between body and soul; clarity if you will. Perhaps it does, perhaps the Chinese are right and the number is no more lucky than any other number and actually not as good. Nevertheless today we think of 777 as lucky. Numbers and numerology are fascinating and the myths and legends behind them even more so. Please consider this in 2006 and good luck!